Thursday, February 4, 2010

'Frisco? Not in Kansas.

We're... off to see the Wizard...

Well, no, not really. As the Plains ranchers and sodbusters used to say, "We're going to see the elephant." Sort of.

Once that would have meant a trip to St. Louis or Chicago, to the wonders of some far-off big city, but today it's Sandra and me heading for a weekend getaway in San Francisco, celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, and a-whole-nother year of marital bliss-und-blitzkrieg. (Just kidding.)

As Dorothy observed, wandering the streets of 'Frisco, "Gee, Toto, there's no place like home... here. We must be back in Oz!"

Actually, we're heading to the annual San Francisco Book Fair--as wondrous as Oz--plus what promises to be a major exhibit of Cartier treasures, and several memorable meals (one hopes), and the fogbound city to stroll and cable-car in... But I'll have to pass on the frantic clubbing, unless we find some good Jazz.

Anyway, no blogging this week. Silence is golden. (Or maybe yellow brick road-ish.)

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