Friday, March 5, 2010

Delray Beach, Sort Of

Spaceholder this week...

Just back from Florida, from the Shults family gathering--with Ludwiczaks too, and extended-family Maxwells and Stalneckers--convened around father Richard's lamented passing (see post below). But he got a grand send-off indeed, from Funeral Mass at the favored Catholic Church, to official Reception at a posh Holiday Inn restaurant, to several reunion parties with all ten kids (well, all of them are aging adults now), and spouses, and some of their children present too, ranging from 23-year-old blonde bartender Ashleigh down to six-months-old, new-kid-on-the-block Blake.

West Palm Beach, Highland Beach, Delray Beach... wind and rain, sand and sun, we roamed the Southeast Florida retirement/vacation strip. And a great good time was had by all, even widow and proud matriarch Peg.

So the sad occasion became serendipitous and magical, brimful of love and joy. Glad I got to go along as daughter Sandra's happy partner (albeit worse half).

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