Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Perky Fanfare:

A Disarming Occasional Piece, for alto flute, tenor sax, and baritone clarinet;
Composed and Performed (with Overdubbing) by William Reese Perkins.

...No such beast, so far as I know. But contemplating the world this morning, with wars and non-wars, nationalist skirmishes and political folderol raging everywhere... well, it just seemed like a decent idea, a needed brief musical interlude that might be played during lulls in the fighting.

Today I'm posting the visual gallery half (call it Part 3A) of my long-overdue light examination of tenor sax great Bill Perkins. The text will appear later in the week. Assembled as one, I believe the length to be formidable and possibly forbidding; accordingly, I have split the thing in two. So here are a couple of dozen CD and record covers--roughly oldest to newest once past the Herman pair--the albums I've been listening to in order to write about Bill. I see them as Perks of the job.

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