Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trouble in Blogger City

I've had a post ready to go for a week, but our dear host, blogspot.com, has been force-feeding all us minions a non-digestible, non-functional, "new & improved" version of the platform, with a useless mis-step midway which makes adding pictures a fiasco. Gone is the wonderful page allowing us to select a pic, resize it to fit suitably, and then slide it right into a waiting framework. Offered in its place is a less inviting guide for selecting and uploading... what, exactly? One by one they arrive, these remarkably obtuse pics from hdqs., all the same size, incapable of alteration, refusing to allow integration of visual elements and text.

The blogspot bosses and tech wonks and downtier bureau-krats (the ones that rummage in your drawers) blithely bleat that we must be patient, they are "working on solving the problem." I say: Bully for them. And: Bring back the tools that work! (As country-folk songwriter Guy Clark defines it, "Stuff that works, stuff that holds up, the kind o' stuff you don't hang on the wall.")

Yeah, we got Trouble, right here in Blogger City... and that's spelled with T, and that rhymes with B, and that stands for... Botched!

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