Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Glory Hallelujah, he did it! This is one event definitely worth my taking notice of here too. The Man, of the hour and the year too, was rather sober and uncelebratory in his thank-you speech last night, but he faces hellacious problems in this divided country that would stagger any of us. Good that his friends and supporters could laugh and cry across the land. Now let's all pray the new President and his beautiful family can find some joy and laughter as well as the impossible headaches and heartaches in the years ahead.

I particularly valued his quiet nudges in the direction of Martin Luther King's famous speech: "... uphill climb... we may not get there right away... but YES WE CAN!"

My political cynicism took a hit last night. God help me lose it altogether, and God help President Obama. The whole world is rejoicing.