Friday, April 3, 2009

Jazz's Missing Links Discovered

Hello, world! After several months of silence here, I am stopping by just long enough to mention where I have been writing... of several first-rate on-line sites devoted to Jazz Music of all eras. For I am writing reviews of (mostly) classic tracks of the past 50 years, from Louis to Duke, Brubeck to Getz, Ella to Tony Bennett, with major efforts even covering Muddy Waters and Jazz versions of the music from West Side Story!

Anyone curious about these can visit the site and search "Ed Leimbacher" to find the 30-40 mini-reviews I've written so far.

And let me also recommend a similar and most excellent site (the work of a single amazing guy blogging almost daily), offering interviews, album recommendations, and scores of great photos. That one's at I'll bet you find lots of interesting stuff to ponder, and even listen to, at either site.

Our world may be in a shambles, but I'm pleased to state that... Jazz lives!