Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shufflin' Off...

The winter months on Vashon Island aren't quite this eventful usually (snow foolin'), but it doesn't take a Brahmin to realize that Global Horning might displace migrant aliens along the Northern Tier too. As we head into 2011, our Bisontenniel year, I wanted all you roving I Witnesses out there--shufflin' and scufflin' and hoofin' it Malaysia to Thalia, Pamplona to the Pampas--to know I have a stack of buffalo chips that I'll be sharing with you over the months to come. And that's no bull.

But enough yak from me. Happy Gnu Year!

(And thanks to Steven Fuller for the photo.)


Alan Kurtz said...

Oh, give me a home,
Where the buff aloe roams,
Where my dear Auntie
Lopes and plays,
Where St. Thomas heard
No discouraging word
About skies being
Cloudy all day.

Let 2011 be ever sunny
For the venerable Vashon
Who puts pen to pun,
Sharing his passion,
Never pandering to
The wan dregs of fashion,
Gifting to readers
His thoughts in
dashin' ration.

Best wishes, I Witness!

IWitnessEd said...

Hippie... nu? Y'hear whut Ima sane?