Thursday, February 5, 2015

Calling Lee Majors!

Well, I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own bloodshot eyes... It took a few hours of testing frequencies, but by noon on the 3rd, my hands had stopped vibrating. They went perfectly still and have not fluctuated or shaken in the slightest since then. If I weren't superstitious, I'd be invoking the Bionic Man...

Stitches removed from skull, I now resemble a car-crash survivor rather than Frankenstein's antenna'ed piece-goods or a crushed home run ball hit out of the park(insons). Sandie has big plans for me--long walks with my little-used walker, yoga exercises to limber up the frozen bod, a return to successful selling on-line, etc. My inclination is to take things more slowly, but I imagine we'll find a compromise we can both embrace.

Thanks to all well-wishers, and to whoever deserves the credit for d.b.s. surgery. I may even get back to blogging something more than these soap-operaish medical reports--once I start feeling the old confidence again.


Alan Kurtz said...

This is sensational news. Now onward & upward to full recovery!

Peggy said...